Commercial. Contracts, leases, terms and conditions, agreement. All the things that make businesses tick.


Contracts form the backbone of any commercial arrangement. They can be set out on paper, electronically, verbally or even following a course of dealings. Problems arise when there is disagreement about the terms which is why we recommend everything be totally transparent and a contract drawn up. 


Timely advice is always important no matter the type of business. 

Draft, review, repeat

Business practices and legislation all change. We advocate a cycle of implementing new documentation and then reviewing them to ensure they still fit with how you do business and with all applicable laws. Depending on the nature of the business and how critical the document is i.e. the financial exposure if it goes wrong, we recommend 1, 2 or 5 year review cycles and can do this automatically for you if required. 


We strive to fully communicate the terms of an agreement and the obligations of a party. Sometimes the cost of doing so can be quite high, but it is only when the potential cost of it going wrong (or having a poor contract drawn up without legal advice) does the value really shine through. It is our experience that a clear contract is a major deterrent for fallout and generally helps the parties remain amicable.

Types of contract

Licences, shareholders agreements, terms & conditions, distribution agreements, sponsorship agreement - we can help with them all.