FREE GUIDE: Resisting Landlord Pressure During COVID-19

During the current coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, the UK Government has introduced measures to protect commercial tenants from eviction. The steps recognise that the pandemic and its resulting restrictions have severely weakened the economy and caused a lot of businesses to struggle. Often, the first overhead to become unaffordable is rent.

What you can do if your business cannot afford to pay rent

Your Landlord may be making threats that would put you and your business at risk, some of which may be currently prohibited. Download our free guide to learn how you can best resist an unscrupulous Landlord.

Find out more about the current protections in place for your business

Read our article, Commercial Tenants: how to protect your business from eviction during COVID-19, to learn about the current protections in place for you and your business if your Landlord threatens you or your commercial tenancy.

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