Disputing a will or the actions of an executor. We can help.

Contentious probate covers a wide range of issues from contesting someone's will becuas they have cut you out or not followed through on a promised inheritance to addressing issues with a Power of Attorney to ensuring executors act in accordance with their powers.


Regardless of the nature of the dispute, you will get the best advice.

Early advice and timescales

We are experts at identifying what the issue is and how this can be addressed both as a dissappointed beneficiary and as a underpressure executor. We always prefer to get involved sooner rather than later; it is often the most cost effective too.

Wide range of claims

There are many reasons why a beneficiary or family member might decide to contest a will; it could be that there are concerns that anestate isn't being managed properly or that the will is interpreted incorrectly. The legal landscape can be daunting, but we can cut through it all to offer you concise advice and a structured plan.

Complex litigation

Not only is the law itself often complex and confusing, the procedural steps in litigation are equally so. The reasons a will can be contested are extremely factually dependent so we always get a detailed from our clients to understand what has gone wrong. 


The length of time a matter takes to conclude varies dramatically. The usual stages are as follows - an initial review of the matter (within 2 weeks), initial correspondence with opponent (within 2 weeks, response varies), further correspondence (dependant on nature and response times), issuing claim (within 6 weeks if appropriate), Court timetable (various depending on claim - we will provide detailed advice in advance). Once the Court sets a timetable, it will also set a window of dates during which the hearing will occur. From experience, this can be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the nature of the claim; the majority take around 12 months.

Acting for Executors

If you have been appointed as an Executor for someone's estate and are facing a dispute or disagreement, we can help. The duties of an executor are extremely important and should not be deviated from. If there is any doubt, take advice immediately. 

Statutory Wills

Sometimes a person loses capacity before being able to update their will and that a change in circumstances means such a change is now important. There are processes to do this and we can help navigate the legal process. 

Acting for Disappointed Beneficiaries

Often you have been promised something in someone's will and that person has not correctly updated the will or has made a mistake. You may have done, or not done, things in anticipation of such an inheritance. If this is the case, then there are steps that can be taken to remedy the situaiton.