Working with you at work.


We seek to ensure that every party acts fairly and that each side knows why the other feels the way they do. When a party has been treated unfairly, employer or employee, we can advise on how to address this.


Not only is equality enshrined in law, it is also conducive to good employer-employee relationships. For employers, we can review whether you are complying with your duties. For employees, we can assess your position and seek remedies if you are not being treated on an equal basis to colleagues. 

Employee, Worker, Self-Employed

The status of an engagement can often be a complex area and some may not realise tat they have enhanced rights - for amenities, leave and pay. The uncertainty around this can lead to unhappy workers and potentially high costs to employers. We will look at the situation and offer clear and concise advice.

Employment Tribunals

We successfully represent employers and employees at Employment Tribunals on all types of claims, often on novel questions where there can be a degree of media interest. We will always work with a party to make sure any work is affordable and will always look at funding options for you.


Whether you need a new employment contract drafted for a new director or you have been offered a position as a contractor, our understanding of employment law and experience in progressing claims means we can make sure that what you want is protected in any document and that you fully understand the implications of all clauses. 

Disciplinary, grievance

We strongly believe that it is worth getting involved in matters early to ensure that no party is taken advantage of and that interests are protected so far as possible. Often we get involved to cut through the bureaucracy to see what is really being addressed.