Family matters.


Agreements that are entered into prior to a marriage or civil partnership regarding future property and other financial provision. In the unlikely event that the marriage or relationship breaks down a pre-nup will help resolve matters quickly and cost effectively.

Moving on

There are many things that suddenly become very important wen a relationship breaks down, even if they aren't immediately apparent. Things like wills, business relationships, pensions, life insurances and other financial interests will all need to be checked and, where appropriate, updated. 


We actively encourage our clients to mediate so that issues regarding children and finances can be resolved quickly and efficiently. We would encourage all parties to initially reach an agreement between themselves but, if this is not possible, we will refer to a specialist family mediator to promote an agreement. 


Child arrangements

Residence and contact arrangements and child maintenance issues often arise after a relationship has broken down whether the parents are married or not. We know that what is best for the children can be difficult for the parents and we will guide you through the process.


Property and housing arrangements. household bills, child maintenance payments, pensions, debts and budgeting may all become an issue after a marriage or relationship has broken down. We will help you reach a financial settlement that suits you.  


Sometimes a parent can take a child abroad without the other parent's permission which can lead to allegations of child abduction. Situations may arise where the child's name may need to be changed which can also be challenged. We can help advise either parent on how to deal with such issues so that the child is protected.