How we can help when your wedding has been cancelled because of COVID-19

May 10, 2020 admin

The lockdown due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has meant that almost all weddings have been cancelled. We explore what the legal impact of this is and what we can do to help.

Many venues (as well as caterers, wedding planners and other goods or services providers) have cancelled du to he pandemic. The unfortunate thing is that many have refused to issue refunds or offer acceptable alternative dates. This means that not only you can your big day not go ahead as planned, but it will cost much much more.


Your use of the venue for your big day will be based on a contract. Most venues now require the bride and groom to sign to confirm what they will be getting and how much they will be required to pay. Included in this contract should be clauses that set out what will happen in the event of the wedding not being able to go ahead. Such terms are often referred to as force majeure clauses. We explored these clauses in another article available here. In addition to this, there may also be consumer rights that can assist.

Who cancelled?

Who brought the contract to an end will almost certainly end up as the one who has to pay. How the cancellation was communicated, and the words used will therefore be very important. Where the venue has notified you of the cancellation, then they will be activating the breach subject to the terms of the contract. Where you notified the venue about a cancellation, then you will be activating the breach and may be liable to pay the balance.

Wedding insurance

It has unfortunately become fairly common for wedding insurers to refuse to pay out when a wedding has been cancelled due to the current pandemic. This means that the policy was worthless and the protection you thought you had paid for has been refused. We have had great success in persuading insurers to honour their cover which should mean you get the big day you always dreamed of.

Here’s how we can help.

We have a thorough strategy to ensure you get the best outcome possible. We will:

  • Review the contract and report on the exposure
  • Review correspondence to identify the instigator of the breach
  • Negotiate with the venue (or supplier) regarding refunds and re-arranging
  • Advise you on the legal actions available to you should an agreement not be reached

The benefit of our involvement is that the we will reduce the stress of dealing with the venue (or other supplier) and ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Don’t delay and let the alternative dates get booked up by someone else, call now for your free 15-minute consultation where we will discuss your position, the steps taken and what we can do to help, or use the contact form below so we can get in touch.

Importantly, Amgen Law has provided this Insights article for information only and nothing in it should be constituted as legal advice. However, if you would like to discuss any of these issues further about a legal matter that is affecting you, please get in touch with us directly.