Intellectual Property. The product of creative endeavour.

We advise on all aspects of IP from protecting your creations by registering trade marks to creating a bespoke copyright licence agreement to pursuing infringers of patents.

Thinking of getting a trade mark for your brand?

There's more than one way to protect your brand. Download our free Branding Checklist to learn whether trade marking your brand is right for you, and learn the other ways that you can protect it.

Early advice

We have practical experience in protecting products and brands and are great advocates of getting adequate protection in place early on. We have a range of fixed fee offerings that can help enterprises of all sizes. 


Copyright, design rights, patents, trade marks - we cover all applicable rights to ensure you get the best advice possible from people who have real world experience in industry.


We can call on considerable experience in industry which means we know how daunting IP can be. We always ensure that our advice and guidance is clear and to the point.


Brands are often the central point of difference in business. So it stands to reason that it should be treated as such and protected early on and defended when someone tries to take unfair advantage of it. 


Different rights can be implemented to protect products such as patents and designs. When registered these rights grant monopolies for the products.


The timescales of dealing with IPR matter varies dramatically. If we are working on agreements for you, we will advise you of the time it will take (often within a week). When registering IPR the IPO will work to their deadlines. For Trade Marks it usually takes around 3 months for the mark to be registered, if it is not opposed or is not queried.