Services for businesses.


We aim to avoid disputes by advising early so that risks can be managed and minimised. However, when a dispute is unavoidable, we deal with the issues that arise and can take conduct of practically any type of claim through all courts.


We are flexible enough to work with you on products - not against you. We know that running a successful business takes a lot of time and effort so we try not to take up too much of either while still delivering exactly what you need on time and on budget.

Intellectual Property

Innovation is key for businesses as is monetising that innovation. We advise on protecting IP throughout development, setting up agreements with collaborators and have substantial expertise in dealing with any infringement.


Contracts. Agreements. Buy. Sell. We can produce documents to offer clarity and protection for a wide range of situations. We can also advise you on documents you have received from other parties or represent you when you need to agree changes. 

Welsh Law

Cymraeg. There are many laws that only apply in Wales and some businesses can get caught out by laws that might apply to one aspect of their business in Wales that does not apply to another based in England, or elsewhere, and vice versa. We advise on these laws (in English or Welsh) and carry out work in Welsh or bilingually. 


Employees the lifeblood of most businesses, but careful management is required. We can advise on contracts, policies, disciplinary procedures and exits. We always try to avoid matters ending up in a court, but should an Employment Tribunal claim be started, we are well versed in defending them.