What does a High Court do?

October 25, 2023 admin

The High Court generally deals with cases that have complicated facts, or in money claims the amount being claimed exceeds £100,000, and £50,000 in personal injury cases.

The High Court, and the Court of Appeal, are located in the Roayl Courts of Justice building in Westminster. Although the High Court also sits at various hearing centres (often county court buildings/centres) at various times.

Only specially qualified judges have authority to hear claims. The High Court also requires advanced qaulification in order to present evidence, which is known as Higher Rights of Audience. All Barristers have this as do some solicitors.

The divisions of the High Court deal with different areas of law:

  • Chancery Division – deals with intellectual property matters, professional negligence matters, insolvency matters, disputes over trusts and wills, disputes between businesses and partners.
  • King’s Bench Division (formerly Queen’s Bench) – deals with mostly contractual and tort (civil wrongs) matters such as personal injury, negligence, breach of contract, landlord and tenant disputes, and wrongs against property (trespass etc).
  • Family Division – deals with all types of family litigation including child protection, adoption, and divorce.

Our note on the County Court is available here and on the Court of Appeal, here.

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